GoGetSome Rules and Payouts

Once you register in GoGetSome, you can start earning money. Just log in, enter your online workroom, and start entering (solving) the CAPTCHAs as they are offered to you in a flow. Watch your earnings grow with each CAPTCHA you enter. Then set-up your Cashout method and collect payment. You can request payout to your Webmoney WMZ wallet (starting from $1), to your Bitcoin Wallet (temporary unavailable) (starting from $1), to your PayPal account (starting from $3), or to your QIWI wallet (from $1).

How much do you earn

There are two simple rules you should know:

GoGetSome pays you on a per entry basis. Your earnings accumulate for every CAPTCHA you solve. Each payment element is called “Pay Per Entry” (PPE). The more efficiently you work, i.e. the more CAPTCHAs you solve and the fewer errors you make, the higher your total PPE. Exact PPE levels are explained below.

Pay Per Entry (PPE) levels

There are seven levels of PPE:

Iron level
From $0.36 up to $0.47
per 1,000 CAPTCHAs
This is the basic level you get on registration. After first 500 CAPTCHAs you earn about $0.20. Then your level grows.
Bronze level
From $0.41 up to $0.53
per 1,000 CAPTCHAs

After Iron level, you rise to one of the following levels depending on your accuracy, i.e. the number of errors you make.

Bronze and Silver levels are eligible for up to 30% bonuses.

Gold level is eligible for up to 100% bonuses for “lucky” CAPTCHAs.

We will recalculate your level every 500 CAPTHCAs and can increase/decrease or leave it as it was, which is depends of you accuracy.

Everyone can reach Gold lever, just work in good faith!

Silver level
From $0.46 up to $0.60
per 1,000 CAPTCHAs
Gold level
From $0.55 up to $0.71
per 1,000 CAPTCHAs
($1.10 for "lucky" CAPTCHAs)
Emerald level
From $0.70 up to $0.91
per 1,000 CAPTCHAs
($1.40 for "lucky" CAPTCHAs)
You may get one of the next two levels after solving 30,000 CAPTCHAs and your quality rate is of the best. These levels are eligible for up to 30% bonuses on all CAPTCHAs and up to 100% bonuses for “lucky” CAPTCHAs.
Ruby level
From $0.85 up to $1.10
per 1,000 CAPTCHAs
($1.70 for "lucky" CAPTCHAs)
Diamond level
personal PPE
The pay rate is agreed in private discussions.


Lucky CAPTCHAs and Quality Rate

There are two specific types of CAPTCHA.

  • Lucky CAPTCHAs are eligible for 100% bonuses. When you get one coming through your workflow, you will hear a sound.

  • Test CAPTCHAs are sent out randomly as a quality control used to estimate your level of accuracy. We are aiming for high quality standards and do not tolerate significantly incorrect entries. If we find blatant errors, we reserve the right to reduce your PPE rate or to impose an immediate account ban.

Cashout Methods

In your personal backend you can request payout to your Webmoney WMZ wallet, to your Bitcoin Wallet (temporary unavailable), to your PayPal account, or to your QIWI wallet.

  • Webmoney WMZ wallet (starting from $1).

  • Bitcoin Wallet (temporary unavailable) (starting from $1).

  • PayPal account for all except of citizens of India (starting from $3). We will pay PayPal fees and send money like a personal payment. For citizens of Russia we will send rubles, official USD/RUR exchange rate will be used.

  • PayPal account for citizens of India (starting from $3). We will send money like for service (PayPal Fees are applicable. We recommend you to read this and this).

  • QIWI wallet (starting from $1): we will use official USD/RUR exchange rate.

How to Solve CAPTCHAs Right

q x w 5 3 qxw53 QXW53
r iq et riqet
208 20-8=
*6x ri
*6xri *6Xri
ctsding and ctsDIng and


  • We are giving 100% accuracy but after gold the levels are not yet changing, what we are doing wrong?
    Ruby, Emerald and Diamand levels are assigned in competition mode. It means that unlike gold level(that everyone can get) to get Emerald you must be better that other workers. So in our system every worker have his own highscore rating and you get Emerald or Ruby level only if become higher in rating then other Emerald/Ruby workers.
  • Can i press unsolvable button on good captchas that i don't like to solve to skip them?
    No, pressing unsolvable on readable captchas means error, so u'll be banned in the same way as giving wrong answers.
  • I received a letter from GoGetSome administration offering to buy working account, is this a scam?
    Yes, we never ask you to pay for accounts and we do not sell accounts.